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Fees & Investment

Therapy is an investment in you

Anna Filipski, who offers Florida therapy services
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No matter why you have sought out therapy you are almost always looking to heal and grow. Growth and healing require a significant investment from you. This change requires an investment in time, energy, and money.


Therapy is an investment in yourself and your relationships. Compare the financial cost to the possible long-term emotional costs.


Therapy with me costs between $185-$290 for a 50-80 minute session. At first, our sessions will happen every week to get things moving in the right direction, and as time goes by together we will reassess and decrease to every other week.  Based on the nature of IFS and Brainspotting, clients have benefited most from weekly sessions, however there is an understanding of financial and scheduling constraints.  We will discuss the appropriateness of frequency once we have a better understanding of your needs in the first few sessions.


As I want you to invest the time and energy into therapy, I invest the time and energy into making sure that your sessions are tailored specifically to you. In doing this I reserve a spot for you at the same time every week and if you are unable to make this appointment I appreciate notice of at least 48 hours.  If for any reason a session is canceled or rescheduled less than 48 hours prior, you will be charged the full fee to the credit card on file.

Why is my therapy practice private pay?

I have found over the years that often when you elect to have your insurance pay for therapy, your therapist is not chosen based on expertise, modality, and fit just for you. They are usually chosen based on who applied for the panel when it was open.


As a private pay practitioner, we both get to decide if I am the therapist most likely to help you reach your goals. I can provide you with treatment that is specific to you and isn’t limited to the financial goals of an insurance company.


As a 100% private pay practitioner, I have the ability to tailor treatment to your needs and goals. You have the flexibility to find a therapist that meets your needs.


If you would like to attempt to get reimbursement from your insurance I can easily provide you with a superbill. For more information about this check out my FAQs page here.

Therapy can be paid for by debit card, credit card, Health Savings Account (HSA), or Flexible Savings Account (FSA) card. Please verify eligible expenses with your provider.  Please note that a card must be on file in order for us to meet.  By participating in automatic billing, a credit card or debit card is required to be kept on file as a convenient method of payment.  Your card will be automatically charged at the time of service.  All payments are processed through Stripe, a secure payment processing platform that is integrated into SimplePractice, which is the practice management software used for my practice.


For answers to any other questions check out my FAQs page here or click here to book a free compatibility call.

How can I pay for therapy?

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