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Therapy for High-Achieving Women

Find Yourself Again

This doesn't look like what you imagined ...

You’ve put so much energy into making your career, your life, motherhood, and your relationships everything that you have ever dreamed of. You worked so hard and sacrificed so much to get to where you are today. And you thought that once you got here, this would be it.


But it’s not what you hoped it would be and the exhaustion is bone-deep. 


You also find yourself just looking for the next step, and you aren’t ever able to appreciate how far you’ve come. 


Are you ever going to be able to slow down and breathe because you have finally done enough?


You’re losing more and more of yourself every step along the way. The stress you are under from trying to do all the things keeps you up at night. And you can feel the tension and soreness in your body.


But you thrive on stress, right?


What is important to you? 


What do you want your life to look like? 


You’re pretty sure this isn’t it.


Maybe it’s time to start saying yes to something new.

The problem is- so much of your energy goes into caring for everyone else that you aren’t sure what will happen if you explore other options. You know that it means letting people down and that’s something you’ve never done before.

I help high-achieving women who feel ...

  • Burnt out

  • Loss of Self

  • Lost

  • Confused

  • Frustrated

  • Inadequate

  • Hopeless 

Together we can work to get your life back.

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Up until now, you thought you knew what you wanted in your life. The expectations and responsibilities have never felt so heavy. And you’re no longer sure what you really want and it feels really strange. Is there a way to make things different? Or is this just life? You’re feeling lost and confused about your next steps, and you don’t want to let anyone down, but it seems like you will – no matter what.


You want to figure out what really matters to you and what you really want. How do you find the parts of yourself that you may have silenced in the time you’ve spent trying to get to the top of your field and manage everything else in your life. You long to get back to a place where the future feels solid once again – where you feel good about your priorities and you are able to relax.


You want to feel good about all of the parts of your life, not just your career. To feel confident and clear that you are making the right decisions and doing the things that will make your life more fulfilling.

Hope for Finding Yourself

I know what it feels like to wake up one morning and suddenly feel unsure about your ability to continue to carry the weight of it all. To realize that you have ignored whole parts of yourself for years and now those parts are asking you – to pay attention.


The first step we’ll take in our work together is validating how hard this is. How the responsibilities and expectations are more than is possible for one person (even though you’ve been managing it all for years). We’ll learn how to pay attention to when you need to rest and when you need to ask for help. Together we’ll find ways for you to share the responsibility before you reach your breaking point.


During the next phase of our work together we will find the parts of you that you have been ignoring – and give them a voice. We’ll figure out how to meet their needs and bring them healing.


We’ll also look at your perfectionistic, striving, high-achieving parts that have been pushing you too far. We will help them to find the love and connection they so deeply desire in other ways.


We’ll explore the origin story of each of these parts. By doing this, we can figure out why some parts have been running the show and some have been taking a backseat.


Then we’ll access the wise part within you to find your deep inner voice that knows what you’re searching for in life.

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Together we will listen to all of the parts of you and help you figure out what you really want and need in your life.
Find Yourself Again.
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