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Anna Filipski, Mental Health Counselor in Florida

Let's find your calm in the middle of the storm -  together 

Therapy for Women in Florida

High-Functioning Anxiety | High Achieving Women | Motherhood | Trauma | (Peri) Menopause

You’ve been stuck for a while and you aren’t sure how to get unstuck.

For some reason, you aren’t getting through this life transition as easily as you have in the past. Whether it’s having a new baby and staying home, changing careers, or heading back to work after being home for a while.  


Right now, the coping skills you have used in the past just aren’t helping, and if you look a little closer, they might even be making things worse. 


You usually just blow over the road bumps and get on with it. But everything just feels off in a way that you’ve never experienced.

The feeling of impending doom that you can usually “busy” yourself out of isn’t going away – in fact, it seems to be getting stronger.

It’s sister, the constant feeling that you aren’t good enough and fear that everyone is going to find out, is no longer a voice at the back of your mind but seems to be the only voice in your head right now. 


You’ve never really felt like you fit in anywhere, but that feeling is getting stronger, and it has been harder and harder to fake it. The cracks are beginning to show, and you can’t seem to cover them up this time.


The connection to yourself isn’t there, and you don’t know how to find it again. For some reason, even though you’re quick to send everyone else to get help, you’ve resisted for quite a while. You know therapy will help, but there is part of you that suspects you have waited too long, or maybe it won’t help you this time.

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It isn’t too late. You are not alone.

These intense feelings of overwhelm and exhaustion aren’t just happening to you. Life transitions are challenging, and there isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution for every change. You don’t deserve to sit with this feeling any longer – nor do you have to go it alone. 

I help you find:

  • The parts of you that got lost trying to meet a goal or taking care of someone else

  • Ways to care for yourself that fit your life and your needs

  • Your voice again so you can ask for what you need and be okay saying no

  • Your genuine authentic self and her wants and needs

  • The skills that help you get through the hard times

  • The connection to yourself that you have been missing


Hope for Getting Through Transitions

You want to get back to feeling connected to you again. To where you were before life threw you for a loop. You want to see the good in people instead of assuming that all they see is how bad and broken you are. 


You would love to be able to trust that you can handle whatever life throws your way.


Maybe that feeling of impending doom and the nagging voice saying you aren’t good enough would be whispers you could easily soothe. You won’t have to care if people see that you don’t have it all together because you know you don’t have to, just like you tell everyone else.


You want your confidence back. And therapy can help you get there.

Therapy with Anna Filipski

counselor in Florida

(she, her)

I’m Anna, and I can help you get back to yourself. I will help you restore that connection so you feel like you are your authentic self again – inside and out. 


In the therapy room, you and I will work together to look closely at what might be keeping you stuck. We will work on ways to cope with the feelings around whatever challenges you are experiencing. This way you can find a way to experience them without letting the feelings take over.


Together, we will help you get back your trust in yourself and others. 


Looking into the past, we will explore the needs that might not have been met as a child and help you learn to meet them as an adult. This way, you can continue to move forward in a healthy way. 


We will calm that voice that says you are not enough and show it that you are. 


We will reclaim your inner strength and help you to re-access that part of you that knows how to navigate this change and get through to the other side. 


We’ll help the part of you that is afraid of big feelings and change, learn to feel safe again. We’ll teach that part of you that it’s possible to ride the waves of intense feelings and be safe at the same time. As we get comfortable working together I’ll help you to give the parts of you that have been ignored for years a voice, in a way that feels safe for you.

Anna Filipski, trama therapist in Florida
Anna Filipski, therapist in Florida
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 How I can help 

Schedule a compatibility call now

Admitting you need help is scary. But allowing yourself to reach out and get help is the first step to getting back on track. The track to getting back to being you. I hope you will leave therapy feeling more like yourself again. Feeling like you know how to meet the needs of all of your parts. To have the skills to cope in a way that will make things easier, not harder.

You can find yourself again.

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